Specifying Offerings to Load for Oracle Service Cloud Source System

You specify which offerings and functional areas to load by creating a load plan.

A load plan is a set of instructions in Configuration Manager that extracts data from a Cloud data source and loads that data into the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse. Load plans can be executed once only or scheduled to execute regularly.

You need to create domain and main load plans.

To specify offerings to load for Oracle Service Cloud source system:
  1. In Configuration Manager, select the Manage Load Plans link on the Tasks pane.
  2. On the Load Plans toolbar, click the Add (+) icon to display the Define Load Plan dialog.
  3. On the first page of the Define Load Plan series, specify the following information about the load plan:
    • Name — Enter a unique name for the load plan to identify the data being loaded.

    • Description — (Optional) Enter additional information to help manage the load plan

    • Load Plan Type — Select Domain - Only Extract and Load (SDE and SIL).

    • Source Instances — Select Oracle Service Cloud, the data source from which the fact groups will be selected. This list displays the data sources that you specified during the task Register Oracle Service Cloud Source System in the Initial Configuration stage.

  4. Click Next to display the Select Fact Groups page.
  5. In the Available Selections tab, select the Selected check box next to Oracle Service Analytics and next to Service Request, to include this offering in the load plan.


    You can remove fact groups from the Selected Fact Groups tab, if they have been selected by default when you select the parent offering. Else, you can select only the required fact groups to include them in the load plan.
  6. To verify that you have the correct Fact Groups included in the load plan, click the Selected Fact Groups tab and verify the list.
  7. Click Save, then click Generate.

    When the load plan generation is complete, you can execute the load plan manually or schedule the load plan to execute at a particular time. If the generation fails, then use the Help system in Configuration Manager to find out how to diagnose generation issues and make corrections.

    Similarly, create the main load plan, generate, and execute it. For the main load plan, ensure that you select the Source Extract and Load (SDE, SIL and PLP) load plan type and Oracle Service Analytics and Service Request as the fact groups to include it in the load plan.