Select Components

Use this screen to select the component schemas you want to create or drop.


If you are running the RCU for Oracle Business Analytics Applications Suite, then see Creating Schemas Using Business Analytics Applications Suite RCU for information about this screen.

Database Users for IBM DB2 Databases

IBM DB2 authenticates its database users using equivalent operating system users. Therefore, prior to running RCU, one operating system user must be created for each schema.

The operating system user name must match the schema owner name and must contain only lowercase letters; no all-uppercase or mixed-case names are allowed. For example, if you create a schema named DEV_ODI using RCU, then the operating system user must be named dev_odi (all lowercase letters).

Creating Prefixes

Prefixes are used to create logical groupings of schemas in a database.

For example, if you want to create two versions of the MDS schema in the database, you can use different prefixes to uniquely identify each one (for example, TEST_MDS and PROD_MDS). Note that the prefix name and schema name are separated by an underscore (_) character.


The Oracle Internet Directory (ODS) component cannot be prepended with a custom prefix; there can only be one repository for this component per database.

If you want to create a new prefix for your schemas, select Create a New Prefix and specify a new prefix name in the field. The prefix name must be a minimum of one character in length and cannot exceed 12 alphanumeric characters (0-9, a-z, or A-Z) in length (not including the underscore character). Prefixes should not start with a number. No whitespace or special characters are allowed.


For IBM DB2 databases, prefixes are limited to four characters in length (not including the underscore character).

The default new prefix is DEV. If DEV already exists as a prefix, then DEV1 is used; if DEV1 exists, then DEV2 is the default, and so on.

Use existing prefixes to add additional components to an existing repository in the database. To use an existing prefix, select Select an Existing Prefix and choose a prefix from the drop-down list.

Selecting Components and Dependencies

When you select a component, any other components that may be required by the component you select are also selected. For example, if you select SOA and BPM Infrastructure, then all schemas in this category are selected along with the Metadata Services schema. The Metadata Services schema is required by each component in SOA and BPM Infrastructure.

If a component has a plus sign (+) next to its name, then there are sub components available. Click on the plus sign (+) to expand the category to view all sub components. If you want to select a component with all its subcomponents, click on the top-most box with the plus sign (+).

Custom Schema Names

Click on the name of any schema in the "Schema Owner" column to change the name of the schema.

Schema names can only contain alphanumeric characters (0-9, a-z, or A-Z) and are case-sensitive.


The Oracle Internet Directory (ODS) component cannot be prepended with a custom prefix; there can only be one repository for this component per database.

Checking Schema Prerequisites

You can check schema prerequisites from the Select Components screen.

Click Next when you are finished specifying your prefix, schema names, and selecting components. A screen indicating the progress of component prerequisite checking appears. If an error occurs during the prerequisite checking, the error message(s) appear in the Messages field on the Select Components screen.

Dropping Schemas

You can remove schemas from the database.

  1. Select the prefix associated with the schema(s) you want to drop.
  2. Select the component(s) whose schemas you want to drop.