Custom Variables

Use this screen to specify additional configuration information required by the components during runtime.

Custom Variables for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

The RCU uses .dmp files to create the required schemas. Before you perform the action in this screen, you must copy the .dmp files for each schema to a directory with global write access on the appropriate database server host.

(RCU writes log files to this directory). The .dmp files are located in BIA_RCU_HOME\rcu\integration\biapps\schema.

In the Value field in the Custom Variables screen, for each schema enter the directory path of the folder that contains the .dmp file.

Do not include the name of the .dmp file in the directory path.

Custom Variables for Master and Work Repository (ODI)

Specify this information for the Master and Work Repository Custom Variables.

Variable Description

Master Repository ID

A specific ID for the new Master Repository. Master Repository ID values must be between 0 and 999. Default value is 001.

Supervisor PAssword

Password of the supervisor user. You must confirm this password on the following line.

Work Repository Type

Specify how the Work Repository will be used:

  • Use Development (D) for creating a development repository. This type of repository allows management of design-time objects such as data models and projects (including interfaces, procedures, etc.) A development repository also includes the run-time objects (scenarios and sessions). This type of repository is suitable for development environments.

  • Use Execution (E) for creating an execution repository: This type of repository only includes run-time objects (scenarios, schedules and sessions). It allows launching and monitoring of data integration jobs in Operator Navigator. Such a repository cannot contain any design-time artifacts. Designer Navigator cannot be used with it. An execution repository is suitable for production environments.

Work Repository ID

A specific ID for the new Work Repository. Default value is 001.

Work Repository Name

A unique name for the Work Repository (for example: DEVWORKREP1).

Work Repository Password

(Optional) - Provide a password for the Work Repository. If you provide a password, you must confirm the password on the following line.

Custom Variables for Oracle WebCenter Portal's Activity Graph and Analytics

You can specify custom variables for Oracle WebCenter Portal's Activity Graph and Analytics.

Specify Y if you want to install Activity Graph and Analytics with database partitioning enabled, or N if you do not want to enable database partitioning.