Data provider types: Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning


HypListDatabases() gets the list of cubes (databases) present under an application for the requested provider.


HypListDatabases (vtURL, vtServerName, vtUserName, vtPassword, vtApplication, vtApplicationCubeList)

ByVal vtURL As Variant

ByVal vtServerName As Variant

ByVal vtUserName As Variant

ByVal vtPassword As Variant

ByVal vtApplication As Variant

ByRef vtApplicationCubeList As Variant


vtURL: URL of the provider

vtServerName: Server name

vtUserName: User name

vtPassword: Password

vtApplication: Application name

vtApplicationCubeList: List of cubes (databases)

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful; otherwise, returns the appropriate error code.


This example combines the HypListApplications and HypListDatabases functions.

Sub test()

Dim url As Variant
Dim srv As Variant
Dim SSO As Variant
Dim uname As Variant
Dim pswd As Variant
Dim app As Variant
Dim Applist As Variant
Dim AppDescList As Variant
Dim AppCubeList As Variant

url = "http://<server>:<port>/aps/SmartView"
app = "Sample"
srv = "EssbaseCluster-1"
uname = "admin"
pswd = "password"

ss = HypConnect("Sheet1", "admin", "ppp", "Conn123")
ss = HypListApplications(url, srv, uname, pswd, Applist, AppDescList)
ss = HypListDatabases(url, srv, uname, pswd, app, AppCubeList)

MsgBox (ss)

End Sub