Diagnostics Tools

When an issue arises while using Oracle Smart View for Office that you cannot resolve on your own, you can use the Smart View Diagnostic tools in the Diagnostics group in the Smart View ribbon to create and collect log files and screenshots to send to Oracle Support. When you are finished collecting diagnostic data, you use the diagnostic tools to zip up the files. Then you transmit the ZIP file to Oracle Support for analysis. The log files and screenshots are used by Oracle Support to troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

You can customize certain features of Smart View Diagnostic tools; for example:

  • Hide data values in an Office document.

  • Hide member names in an Office document.

  • Direct the diagnostics output files to a folder other than the default.

  • Allow automatic screenshots for each warning or error message that is displayed.

See Smart View Diagnostics in the Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide for more information on the Diagnostics tools.