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Controlling the Status of AP Accounting Periods

Payables allows invoice entry, payment entry, and payment voiding in open accounting periods. You can enter invoices in Future accounting periods, but you cannot post any invoices in Future accounting periods until you change the status of the period to Open. The period statuses available in Payables are Never Opened, Future, Open, Closed, and Permanently Closed.

When you update a period status to Closed, Payables automatically checks if you have any unposted invoices or payments, or any unconfirmed payment batches in that period. If you have any unposted records or unconfirmed payment batches in a period you are trying to close, Payables prevents you from closing the period and automatically submits the Unposted Invoice Sweep report. You can use this report to view all your unposted transactions for the period. You can submit the Unposted Invoice Sweep program if you want to move all unposted transactions from one period to another. Then, close your period.

Your accounts payable periods are separate from your general ledger periods. For example, you can close your Q1 period in AP before you close your Q1 period in general ledger.

If you use the Multiple Reporting Currencies feature, read the Multiple Reporting Currencies in Oracle Applications manual for information on changing a period status when you use Multiple Reporting Currencies.

   To change the status of an accounting period:

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