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Other Invoice Values Assigned During Payables Open Interface Import

During Payables Open Interface Import, Payables populates additional columns in the AP_INVOICES and AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS tables.

ORGANIZATION. Payables populates AP_INVOICES.ORG with the organization associated with the person who submits the import program.

PROJECTS INFORMATION. Payables populates the Projects related columns in AP_INVOICES and AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS if the invoice is matched to a purchase order and the purchase order has project related information.

PROJECTS INFORMATION. If Projects is installed and you provide values for Project ID and Task, then the system will build the CCID based on the information in Projects.

TAX NAME. Payables assigns a tax name to the invoice based on the Tax Name Defaults hierarchy you use. See: Defaulting Tax in Payables

VOUCHER NUMBER. If you use automatic sequential numbering, then the import program populates the AP_INVOICES.DOC_SEQUENCE_ID and AP_INVOICES.DOC_VALUE columns, and enters STD INV as the AP_INVOICES.DOC_CATEGORY_CODE.

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