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Account Overlay in Payables Open Interface Import

There are four ways that an invoice distribution can get accounting information when it is imported from the Payables Open Interface tables:

You can use the Account Overlay feature to overwrite one or more account segments of the account that Payables generates from one of the above four sources. For example, if you are matching to a purchase order and you know that the cost center on the purchase order is incorrect, the Account Overlay feature can do this for you automatically during import.

During Payables Open Interface import, the system uses values in the following four Payables Open Interface table columns to overlay the account:

BALANCING_SEGMENT, COST_CENTER, and ACCOUNT will overlay any values in DIST_CODE_CONCATENATED, even if it includes null values.

Account Overlay is not implemented with proration of Tax, Freight, or Miscellaneous lines. The account for these lines comes from the respective Item line. All other lines not created by proration can be overlayed. In addition, if an Item line includes tax, then the tax account will be overlayed according to the overlay rules of the item.

In summary, the hierarchy for overlay is as follows. Import builds the account by overlaying the account with any values at each successive level:

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