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Positive Pay Integration

If you use a third party or custom positive pay program to notify your bank of negotiable and non-negotiable checks, you can submit the Positive Pay Report in Payables to create a flat file that contains information for checks you specify. You can then use your positive pay program to format the payment data in the format required by your bank and transmit the data electronically to your bank. You set up your positive pay program to periodically dial up your bank and download a list of exceptions. An exception is a check that is listed on the file you submitted to your bank that is presented to the bank for cashing twice, or is not on the list, or has an amount different from the amount listed. If you do not approve or reject an exception, the bank will pay the check as presented.

Setting Up Your System for Positive Pay

   To set up Payables for integration with Positive Pay:

Creating Positive Pay Reports in Payables

You can create a Positive Pay Report in the Payment Batches Action window for all checks in a single payment batch. Alternatively, you can create a positive pay file in the Submit Request window for payment batch checks, Quick checks, Manual checks, and void payments, based on parameters you specify. Payables puts the output file in your apout directory and names it as it would any other concurrent request; Payables concatenates your userid and the concurrent request number. You can, of course, rename the file.


   To create a positive pay report from the Payment Batches window.

   To create a Positive Pay Report from the Submit Request window:

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