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Positive Pay Report

You can create a flat file that contains information on your current negotiable and voided payments. Your positive pay program formats and electronically transmits this file to your bank. For more information, see: Positive Pay Integration.


Program Submission

You submit this program from the Submit Request window. See: Submitting Standard Reports, Programs, and Listings.

Selected Report Parameters

Payment Status. If you want to limit the report to only Negotiable or only voided checks, enter Negotiable or Voided in this field. Leave this parameter blank to include both Negotiable and Voided checks on the report.

Payment Type. If you want to limit the report to batch or single checks, enter batch or Single. Otherwise, leave this parameter blank.

Batch Name. If you entered Batch for Payment Type, and you want to limit the report to one payment batch, select the name of the payment batch. You can select only Confirmed payment batches.

Bank Account Name. If you want to limit the report to checks paid by a single bank account, enter the bank account name.

Start/End Document Number. If you have entered a Bank Account and you want to limit the report to certain document numbers, enter the document number range.

Start/EndPayment Date. If you want to want to limit the report to checks with a particular payment dates, enter the date range.

Reselect. Enter Yes if you want to include checks that have been included on previous positive pay reports, for example, if you ran a report with incorrect parameters and want to replace it. If you enter No, Payables will include only negotiable payments that have not been included on previous reports, and voided checks that have not yet been reported as voided on a previous report.

See Also

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