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Overview of Standard Request Submission

Standard Request Submission is a feature that works with concurrent processing to provide a common interface for running your Oracle Applications reports and programs.

Standard Request Submission provides you with a set of windows for running reports and programs and a set of windows for creating groups of reports and programs to run together. These windows give you control over the submission and output of your reports and programs.

Attention: Some Oracle Applications products provide, in addition to the Standard Request Submission windows, product-specific windows to submit certain reports and programs. Such a window automatically runs a report or a program as a concurrent process when you choose a specific button or save your work in the form.

The Post Journals window in the Oracle General Ledger application is an example of a window that submits a concurrent program to post journal entries when you choose the Post button. You should refer to the user's guide for your Oracle Applications product to learn if your product uses any product-specific windows to submit reports or programs.

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Basic Business Needs

Concurrent processing helps you satisfy the following business needs. You can:

Standard Request Submission lets you satisfy a related set of business needs. You can:

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