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Customizing Printing Support in Oracle Applications

Oracle Applications provides numerous predefined printer types with which you can identify your printers, as well as print styles that define the dimensions of Oracle Reports output files, and printer drivers that instruct the various printer types how to output the selected print style.

Use the Print Styles form to query the combinations of print style and printer driver that support each type of printer you have.

Attention: Predefined printing components may have to be modified for different printer types and/or operating platforms.

For example, if a blank or extra page is being printed after each printed page, the number of rows defined for the print style may need to be reduced, or an escape sequence that is being interpreted differently, creating a page eject command, may have to be rewritten.

Verify and, if necessary, Customize Printer Driver Definitions

Upon installation, for any printer type you are using, verify your printer driver definitions, particularly the driver's:

If you need to define a new print style, verify the printer driver you assign to the new print style, for any printer type you use.

Verify and, if necessary, Customize Oracle Reports SRW Drivers

If you have a printer type that does not properly interpret the control characters in the SRW driver files that set page breaks, bold on/off and underline on/off attributes in your Oracle Reports files, you can copy the SRW driver file and modify it.

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