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Creating Custom SRW Drivers

SRW drivers are read by Oracle Reports when a report is generated, and insert control characters that tell the destination printer where to set page breaks, and which characters to format as bold or underlined.

SRW drivers only pertain to Oracle Reports output files. An SRW driver is used during the generation of a report. A printer driver is used when the completed output file is sent to the printer.

SRW drivers are designed for the DEC LN03 printer, and all printers that understand the same control characters as the LN03.

Location and Content of SRW Driver Files

SRW driver files reside in $FND_TOP/$APPLREP, and have the file extension ".prt". The predefined SRW file names are:

Creating a Custom SRW Driver

You can customize any of the SRW driver files to support a printer type that is not correctly interpreting the control characters used to set page breaks and format text as bold or underlined in Oracle Reports files.

For example, you may need to change the control characters that instruct the printer to set a page break.

	on an LN03	on an XYZ LaserInk   
	new page ...	^L 	^[E 

If you need to change formatting control characters for page breaks, underlined text, or bold text in Oracle Reports:

Attention: Copy the SRW driver (.prt file) and rename it before starting any text editing.

SRW Drivers - Print Styles and Printer Drivers

When the concurrent manager calls Oracle Reports to run a report, the SRW driver name is passed as a parameter to Oracle Reports.

The SRW driver is not required since some customers might be using styles or printer drivers for non-Oracle Reports programs.

The SRW driver name you enter in the Print Styles and Printer Drivers forms are used for slightly different reasons.

If you run an Oracle Reports program without printing the output file, that is, when the number of copies is zero (0) and the printer field is blank, the SRW driver associated with the report's print style is used.

If you run an Oracle Reports program and print the output file, that is, when the number of copies is greater than zero (0), the SRW driver that is correct for the type of printer the report is being printed from is chosen by selecting the SRW driver associated with the printer type.

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