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Relationship Between Independent and Dependent Values

Independent and dependent value sets have a special relationship. While you can have the same dependent values for any of your independent values, the meanings (or descriptions) - as well as any segment qualifier values, enabled/activation information and descriptive flexfield data for that value - of the dependent values depend on which of the independent values you choose in the prior independent segment. For example, you could have value sets with the following values (dependent default value of 0):

Independent Value Set (Account Segment) Dependent Value Set (Sub-Account Segment)
Value Description Value Description
01 Cash accounts 0 Default Value
    1 Bank of California
    2 Bank of Denver
    3 First Federal Bank
02 Equipment accounts 0 Misc equipment
    1 Computers
    2 Printers
    3 Delivery Vehicles
03 Other asset accounts 0 Default value

You must set up your independent-dependent value sets carefully using the following sequence:

When you define each of your independent values, Oracle Applications automatically creates a default dependent value that goes with your independent value. For example, the previous diagram shows a default value of zero (0). If for some reason you create a dependent value set after your independent value set has values, you must manually create a default value in your dependent set for each of your independent values, since each independent value must have a default dependent value. If necessary, create your default dependent values manually using the Segment Values form (you also use this form to create all dependent values other than the default value). You must create at least one dependent value for each independent value, or else your user will be unable to enter segment value combinations in the flexfield. However, we recommend that you carefully follow the above order for creating your value sets so that you never have to create default dependent values manually, since manually creating default dependent values is both tedious and error-prone.

"Dependent" Values with Table Validation

Flexfields uses a special mechanism to support table-validated segments whose values depend on the value in a prior segment (a different mechanism from that used for independent value sets with dependent value sets). You can use flexfield validation tables with a special WHERE clause (and the $FLEX$ argument) to create value sets where your segments depend on prior segments. You can make your segments depend on more than one segment (cascading dependencies). However, you cannot use parent value/child value features with these value sets, nor can you use this mechanism with the Accounting Flexfield.


WHERE Clauses and Bind Variables for Validation Tables

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