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Defining Row Orders

You can use a row order to control how detail rows appear in your report. You can:


   To create a new row order:

   To sort detail rows by amounts displayed in a column (Rank by Column information):

Column Number 1 2 3
Position 50 75 100
Sequence Number 10 20 30
Displayed? Yes No Yes

   To sort detail rows by account segment values or segment value descriptions (Account Display information):

Note: If you enter Description or Value as your Order By method, FSG will ignore any information you entered in the Rank by Column region.

Note: If you assign the Order By Ranking method to a segment, you must also enter Rank by Column information. If you don't, FSG will sort by account segment values. Also, when you use the Order By Ranking method, all segments following the sorting segment must have a display type of Total or Both. Otherwise, FSG cannot derive the totals needed to sort the report rows.

Note: You must also make sure that in your column set definition you have provided enough room at the left of your report to accommodate the cumulative printing widths of all the segments specified in your row order.

   To rearrange the sequence of your account segments (Account Display information):

Note: You do not have to enter a new sequence number for each of the segments in your account structure. FSG automatically adjusts the position of all segments (either left or right, as needed) when you change the sequence number of an account segment. For example, if your account structure is Company--Cost Center--Account--Product and you enter a new sequence number of 3 for Company, the account will print on your report as Cost Center--Account--Company--Product.

   To suppress header descriptions for particular account segments:

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