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Count Adjustments and Approvals

Once you enter and save your cycle counts, Oracle Inventory determines whether any adjustments need to be made depending on the approval options and tolerances you set when you defined the cycle count. See: Approval Options and Tolerances.

Automatic Recounts

If you turned the Automatic Recount option on when you defined your cycle count, Inventory automatically submits recount requests for items that are outside the limits of the approval tolerances you specify. Inventory submits recounts as many times as necessary, limited by the maximum automatic recounts you specify for the cycle count. After you reach the maximum number of recounts, Inventory holds the count for approval. Any count request with the Recount status automatically appears on the next cycle count listing.

You can also manually request recounts when you are approving adjustments. The count request for which you want a recount is also automatically included in the next cycle count listing.

Approving Cycle Counts Held for Approval

Employees with access to the Count Adjustments Approvals Summary window can query, request the recount of, or approve cycle counts pending approval. When you select the Find button, you can query all counts or only those pending approval. You can then approve adjustments, recount an item in question, reject the count or take no action until further investigation.

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