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Approving Cycle Count Adjustments

Use the Count Adjustment Approvals Summary window to approve cycle count adjustments held for approval, to recount an item, or to reject the adjustment. Inventory determines which counts need approval by using the approval tolerances you enter while defining your cycle count.

You can use flexible search criteria to specify the cycle count adjustments you want to review or approve.

Selecting Information to Review or Approve

   To select the cycle count for which to approve adjustments:

Viewing Cycle Count Information

You can view a variety of current item information to help determine whether to approve an adjustment. Select from the following alternative regions:

Approval Actions and Adjustments

For items appearing in the Approval Actions, Adjustments region, you can approve, request a recount, or reject cycle count entries that are pending approval. You can also approve or reject any count for which a recount has already been requested. You can reject any cycle count request that has not yet been counted. Finally, you can display count history information or open the Count Adjustment Approvals window.

   To approve a count check:

   To reject a count check:

   To request a recount check:

   To display count history information:

   To open the Count Adjustment Approvals window:

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