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Assigning Items to a Subinventory

You can assign items to a given subinventory. Assigning items to a subinventory does not restrict the subinventory to that list of items. Rather, the items are restricted to that subinventory. Thus, you can always issue and receive unrestricted items to any subinventory, but you can only issue and receive restricted items to their list of subinventories. You activate the list of subinventories for a restricted item by setting the Restrict Subinventories attribute when defining or updating items.

You also use the item/subinventory relationship to specify valid subinventories for zero quantity cycle counts for an item, and to specify items for an ABC analysis performed at the subinventory level. In these cases you do not have to set the Restrict Subinventories attribute, only establish the relationship between the item and subinventory.

You can also specify planning information related to the items you assign to a given subinventory.

   To restrict an item to a list of subinventories:

   To enter order modifier information for the item:

   To enter sourcing information for the item:

   To enter lead time information for the item in this subinventory:

   To enter the locator to which to assign the item in the subinventory:

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