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Performing Miscellaneous Transactions

With a miscellaneous transaction you can issue material to or receive material from general ledger accounts in your current organization. This allows you to issue material to groups that are not inventory, receiving, or work in process such as a research and development group or an accounting department. You can also make manual adjustments to the general ledger by receiving material from one account to inventory, and then issuing that material from inventory to another account.

You can use your user-defined transaction types and sources to further classify and name your transactions. You can use this feature to issue items to individuals, departments, or projects; or to issue damaged items to expense accounts such as scrap. You can perform the receipts for items that were acquired by means other than a purchase order from a supplier. You can also use this feature to load all item on-hand quantities when you start implementing Oracle Inventory.

   To enter a miscellaneous transaction:

   To enter the item to transfer:

   To enter lot or serial number information.

   To process the transaction:

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