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Transaction Managers

Material transaction

The material transaction manager immediately executes a material transaction after you save your changes in a transaction window. By starting the transaction manager, you can determine how to execute transactions: immediately through immediate concurrent request submissions, or through periodic concurrent request submissions. You define this transaction mode for individual transaction windows in the Personal Profile Values window.

See: Setting Transaction Processing Profile Options.

Demand reservation

The demand reservation manager periodically updates Oracle Inventory with the demands (sales order scheduled shipments and reservations) created by Oracle Order Entry or by using the open demand interface.

Move transaction

The move transaction manager processes move transactions in Oracle Work in Process and move transactions you import from devices such as portable bar code readers or your custom data entry forms using the Open Move Transaction Interface.

Resource cost transaction

The resource cost transaction manager processes resource transactions in Oracle Work in Process and resource transactions you import from barcode readers, payroll systems, time cards, routing sheets, and custom data entry forms using the Open Resource Transaction Interface.

Material cost transaction

The material cost transaction manager costs material transactions in Oracle Inventory and Oracle Work in Process in the background.

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