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Control Options and Restrictions

You must set the following options and restrictions before performing inventory transactions:

Locator Control

You can use locator control if you divide your subinventories into physical areas such as aisle, rack, or bin locations. You can turn on locator control for the whole organization, for a specific subinventory, or a particular item.

During a material transaction, Oracle Inventory checks the locator control options you have specified. If locator control is enabled, you must enter a valid locator into which to receive or from which to issue the item you are transacting. See: Defining Organization Parameters, Defining Items, and Defining Subinventories.

Lot Control

You can enable lot control for specific items in your inventory and optionally assign expiration dates to them. If you enable lot control for an item, you must assign lot numbers when you receive the item into inventory. Thereafter, when you transact this item, you must provide a lot number when receiving the item. See: Lot Control, and Defining Items.

Serial Number Control

You can enable serial number control for specific items in your inventory to track individual units. If you enable serial number control for an item, you must provide a serial number when you transact it. See: Serial Number Control, and Defining Items.

Revision Quantity Control

You can define and enforce revision quantity control for any item to track quantities by revision. If you enable revision quantity control for an item, you must provide a revision number when you transact it. See: Defining Items.

Subinventory and Locator Restrictions

If a number of your items have fixed locators where you stock them, you can restrict the subinventories and locators they are transacted to and from by defining a list of valid subinventories and locators for your item. See: Assigning Subinventories to an Item, and Assigning Items to a Subinventory.

Then use the Items windows to enable the item attributes restricting the item to a list of subinventories and locators, all Inventory transaction windows ensure that you transact the item to and from a subinventory and locator included in the restricted list. See: Defining Items and Defining Subinventories.

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