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Overview of Planner Workbench

You can review and implement recommendations suggested by the planning process with the Planner Workbench. You can selectively implement these recommendations as new and rescheduled orders, and release all or some of them.

You can use custom library calls for the release procedure. See: Customizing Oracle Applications with the CUSTOM Library.

You can:

You can select a predefined set of criteria or any combination of criteria when querying on the recommendations generated by the DRP, MRP or MPS planning process. The planner can then:

Supply Chain Planning users can also review and implement recommendations across multiple, interdependent organizations, and generate graphical displays of planning data. See: Overview of the Supply Chain Planner Workbench.

Quick Access to Particular Documents

You can place documents that you reference frequently in the Oracle Applications Navigator. Placing documents in the Navigator is especially useful when you need to query large documents. When the document is open, choose Place on Navigator from the Action menu. When you choose the Documents alternative region in the Navigator, you can then access that document directly from within the Navigator. See: Using the Navigator's Documents Region.

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