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Overview of Order Scheduling

Scheduling is a communications tool that helps balance customer demands with your ability to fulfill that demand. The following are some aspects of this tool that Oracle Order Entry/Shipping provides:

ATP Inquiry Enables you to make delivery commitments to customers while taking an order, or to verify from where a line can be fulfilled
Demand Communicates current or future product needs to Oracle Inventory and other manufacturing products for forecasting and planning purposes
Reservation Allocates inventory to a specific order line from a warehouse, subinventory, lot, or revision
Schedule Detail Lets you split a line's supply so that part of a line may be fulfilled from one lot, or part may ship at a different time, without requiring separate lines
Ship Set Requires that all lines with the same ship set number ship together
Order scheduling is managed differently from company to company. Some may place demand for a product at order entry and reserve it upon release. Others place demand for a product and promise it to customers at order entry. Still other companies may place demand and promise a product at order entry but, because they have high inventory levels, do not need to reserve the product at release. Oracle Order Entry/Shipping supports a variety of scheduling environments. If you schedule at order entry, you can use the Sales Orders window. If you have a special department that schedules orders, you can separate the functions and use the Schedule Orders window. Or, if you never schedule but simply enter and release orders, you can set up Oracle Order Entry/Shipping to support your business.

You can schedule order lines with multiple ship-to locations, shipping warehouses, request dates, promise dates, schedule dates, and inventory details. With ship sets, you can specify which lines on an order must be shipped together, thus guaranteeing that a ship set is released only when all lines in the ship set are available for pick release.

From the Sales Orders or Schedule Orders windows, you can request on-line ATP inquiries and schedule shipment dates for a single order line or detail, a ship set, a configuration, or an entire order. If the date and quantity you request are not available, Oracle Order Entry/Shipping displays the earliest date (after the schedule date) that you can ship the quantity you require according to your inventory and planning parameters.

You can also schedule shipments for models with options, just as you can with regular lines. You can change warehouse and shipping information for each shipment schedule. You can also add, change, or delete model options, which allows you to rearrange your scheduled shipments to support customer or internal requirements.

All scheduling activity is actually perfomed on schedule details, not order lines. However, when you request a scheduling action on a line, the action will apply automatically to all associated schedule details.

You can either enter a schedule preference in the Schedule Action field for each order line or order line schedule detail, or choose a scheduling action from the Schedule dialog window via the Schedule button. You may want to indicate your scheduling preference on each order line or order line schedule detail when you want to demand some and reserve others. However, if you want to perform the same scheduling action on all items in one configuration, order, or shipment, it is more efficient to assign scheduling actions from the Schedule dialog window.

Oracle Order Entry/Shipping recognizes demand and reservations for orders or order lines on hold.

Sales Orders Window

If you choose to schedule orders as you enter them, you can perform all scheduling functions for a schedule detail, order line, or group of order lines using the Sales Orders window. You can communicate or negotiate with your customer on product availability and shipment dates and enter a promise date reflecting your agreement with your customer.

Schedule Orders Window

Order Entry/Shipping also provides a separate group of windows that you can use to schedule or reschedule an order, group of orders, an item or group of items. Only booked orders are displayed in the Schedule Orders windows. This window group is ideal for use in your scheduling department because it does not allow addition or deletion of order lines or changes to ordered quantities or promise dates.

Internal Sales Orders

You can only change the schedule date, schedule status, quantity reserved, freight carrier, shipment priority, ship set number, and ship-to contact when scheduling an internal sales order. You cannot split an internal sales order line into multiple details; you can only change the schedule date for the entire line.

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