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Descriptive Flexfields in Oracle Projects

Descriptive flexfields are fields that you can customize for your business. You can customize the following descriptive flexfields in Oracle Projects:

Agreement Types Agreement Types
Agreements Agreements
Billing Assignments Projects
Project Types
Billing Cycles Billing Cycles
Billing Extensions Billing Extensions
Budget Entry Methods Budget Entry Methods
Budget Lines Budgets
Budget Types Budget Types
Budget Versions Budgets
Burden Cost Codes Burden Cost Codes
Class Categories Class Categories and Codes
Class Codes Class Categories and Codes
Compensation Details Employee Cost Rates
Compensation Rule Sets Compensation Rules
Draft Invoices Invoice Review
Employee Cost Rates Employee Cost Rates
Event Types Event Types
Events Events
Expenditure Categories Expenditure Categories
Expenditure Items Pre-Approved Expenditure Entry
Expenditure Inquiry
Review Online Time and Expense
Expenditure Types Expenditure Types
Expenditures Pre-Approved Expenditure Entry
Expenditure Inquiry
Review Online Time and Expense
Funding History Funding Inquiry
Lookup Sets Lookup Sets
Indirect Cost Codes Burden Cost Codes
Mass Update Batches Mass Update Batches
Non-Labor Resources Non-Labor Resources
Non-Labor Resource Organizations Non-Labor Resources
Project Assets Projects
Capital Projects
Project Classifications Project Classifications
Project Funding Agreements
Project Funding Inquiry
Project Role Types Project Role Types
Project Statuses Project Statuses
Project Types Project Types
Projects Projects, Summary
Resources Resources
Standard Bill Rate Schedules Bill Rate Schedules
Tasks Tasks
Transaction Sources Transaction Sources

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