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Entering a Budget Draft

A budget draft is a holding area for budget data that is currently in process. You enter or revise the budget amounts for a project in a draft. The status for a draft is Working.

You cannot report against a draft or use it to compare budgeted to actual amounts.

You have a draft for each budget type used on the project.

   To enter or revise a budget draft:

Note: The list of values displays only active budget types. However, if a budget was created earlier for your project using a budget type that is now inactive, the inactive budget type can be entered.

Note: If you select an inactive budget type and choose Find Draft, no draft budget will be displayed.

Note: If you select a categorized BEM for the first draft budget of any type, all subsequent draft budgets of that type (after the first draft budget has been baselined) must also use categorized BEMs. The same is true for uncategorized BEMs. The list of values of BEMs will show only valid BEMs for a budget.

Project or Task Level Budget

You can budget at the project, top task, or lowest task level.

Note: If you are using top task funding for your contract project, you must enter revenue budgets at the top task or the lowest task levels.

   To enter a project level budget:

   To enter a task level budget:

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