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Copying Budgets from Earlier Budget Versions

You can create a new draft by copying any existing budget version of the same project. You can copy from one budget type to another for the same project; for example, you can copy from a cost budget type to another cost budget type. You cannot copy between cost and revenue budget types, nor can you copy budget versions between projects (except when copying the project from another project).

When you copy a prior version you can specify a growth percentage, which increases or decreases the copied budget amounts, but not the budgeted quantities, optionally rounded to the precision you choose. The new budget amounts override any data that exists in the draft.

   To copy budget amounts from an earlier budget version:

Note: You must enter a valid project number before you can enter a budget type.

Note: When you copy a budget, the To Draft Budget Type field defaults to the budget type you entered in Step 2. However, if the From Baselined budget type is an inactive budget type, the field defaults to blank.

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