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Copying Actuals to Budget Amounts

You can build a draft for a period-based budget based upon actual past expenditures. (You cannot copy actuals for time-phased budgets that use date ranges, or for non-time-phased budgets.)

Oracle Projects uses the budget entry method and resource list that you specify for the draft when copying actual amounts to the budget amounts. If you specify a budget entry method that uses both top and lowest task budgets, the budget lines are created at the lowest task level, using the resources in the resource list to which the actuals are mapped. Oracle Projects copies the actual amounts using the lowest level in the resource list; it uses the resources in the resource list, if resources are used; otherwise, it uses the resource groups. The resources are used even if you have budgeted at the resource group level. See: Resources and Resource Lists and Summarizing Actuals and Commitments by Resource.

The resulting new draft reflects the actuals incurred. If a resource was previously budgeted, but no actuals were incurred, this resource is not copied to the new draft budget. If an actual was incurred but was not previously budgeted, a new budget line is created in the budget to reflect the actual that was incurred.

In the following example, you enter the following actuals for that resource, and associate the following resource list with Project X.

Period Employee Amt. Resource Qty.
PA 1 Marlin 100 Professional 2 hrs.
  Vincent Business Supply 77 Supplies  
PA 2 Marlin 150 Professional 3 hrs.
  Gray 10 Computer Services 1 hrs.
  Robinson 50 Clerical 1 hrs.

Resource List (Expenditure Type by Expenditure Category)
Resource Group Resource Resource Type
Labor Professional Expenditure Type
  Clerical Expenditure Type
Asset Computer Services Expenditure Type

When you copy actuals from Project X, the following resulting budget lines are created:

Resulting Draft
Period Resource Group Resource Qty. Amt.
PA 1 Labor Professional 2 100
  Uncategorized Uncategorized   77
PA 2 Labor Professional 3 150
  Labor Clerical 1 50
  Asset Computer Services 1 10

   To copy actual amounts to budget amounts:


Note: Only actuals from periods whose ending dates are earlier than the current date will be copied to budget amounts.

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