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Project and Task Options

You specify project and task options to control how Oracle Projects processes your projects. The options are available at various levels of the project and work breakdown structure (WBS). Use the Projects and Tasks windows to specify project and task options.

You can control which options are available for project entry based on the project options that you define for your project templates.

Oracle Projects supports the following project and task options:

Using Effective Dates to Enable or Disable Options

Oracle Projects allows you to specify when the various project options take effect using effective dates. For example, leave the Effective To field blank to specify that the option is effective indefinitely. Instead of deleting an option, disable it by changing the effective dates, so you can maintain the audit trail.

The default effective start date of the option is the start date of the project. If the project start date is blank, the default effective start date of the option is the system date. The same applies to task start dates and task level option effective start dates.

Percent Completion

Oracle Project Accounting, the predecessor product of Oracle Projects, provided in Versions 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 the ability to enter a percent complete amount for each task as of a given date.

Oracle Projects Release 11 provides an enhanced Percent Complete entry window. See: Percent Complete.

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