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Specifying Project and Task Options for a Template

You can control which project and task options to display for projects based on the template you use to create the new project. You choose to hide or display options for each template during template setup. For example, if your company never uses Organization Overrides, or if you do not want employees to override options for certain projects, you can hide these options for one or more templates.

You choose which options you want to hide. When you choose to hide an option, Oracle Projects hides it at both the project and task levels (for those options available at both levels).

When you select options to display for a project template, you must ensure that the template displays any options that you want project users to view and enter. You also can enter data for a project option in a template that does not appear on the new project. In this case, you cannot view or change this information in any project created from this template, unless you query the project in the Projects, Templates Summary window (Setup, Projects, Project Templates from the navigator window).

You can change project options for a template at any time. If you modify the project options to display for a template, Oracle Projects reflects these changes when you view the options for projects created from that template. In addition, the updated template definition applies to all new projects you create from this template.

   To specify project and task options for a template:

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