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Defining Quick Entry Fields

As part of a project template definition setup, you can choose which Quick Entry fields you want to define. Oracle Projects prompts you to enter information in these Quick Entry fields when you create a new project from a template. Choose Quick Entry fields for project information you want to enter (instead of accepting the template default) each time you create a project. Quick Entry fields appear in the Quick Entry window. For each Quick Entry field, you can specify the following:

Order: Enter a number to indicate the sequence in which you want the Quick Entry fields to appear.

Field name: Choose the fields you want to appear in the Quick Entry window when you create a new project.

Specification: You enter a specification for the following field names:

Prompt: You can enter a field name that is different from the predefined field name to display when you use Quick Entry.

Required: Choose whether you want to require entry for the Quick Entry field.

Oracle Projects automatically includes Project Name and Project Number as required Quick Entry fields if you use manual project numbering.

   To define Quick Entry fields:

If you modify the Quick Entry fields for an existing template, Oracle Projects uses your updated Quick Entry fields for new projects you create from the template or from projects originally created from that template.

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