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Key Members in Project Templates

The key member Quick Entry field overrides all key members defined in the template for a given project role type. If you use a project role type with a key member Quick Entry field, the key members you entered in the template for that role type are not copied to the new project.

The examples below illustrate various ways to define key members in your templates and Quick Entry fields.

Example 1: Use template definition and Quick Entry field

In Table 1 - 7, you define the role type of Coordinator in the template and Project Manager in the Quick Entry field.

Example 2: Override key member in template with Quick Entry field

In Table 1 - 8, you define the Coordinator role type as a key member in the template and a Quick Entry field. The key member you enter in the Quick Entry field overrides the key member you define in the template for that role type, even if you leave the Quick Entry field blank. In this case, Oracle Projects creates the new project without a Coordinator.

Example 3: Use a role type more than once in Quick Entry

You can allow entry of more than one key member per role type in Quick Entry fields for all role types except Project Manager. You can enter only one project manager for a project.

In Table 1 - 9, you enter two key members with the same role type (Technical Lead).

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