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Defining Your Enterprises Competencies

We, at Oracle, recognise that you will want to develop competencies that best meet the needs of your own enterprise. So, rather than providing you with pre-defined competencies that may be too prescriptive or too general, we enable you to develop your own. You might want to 'pilot' a small number of easily definable and measurable competencies first (for example, anything that requires physical effort such as digging a ditch or typing a letter), ensuring that the definitions are meaningful and relevant before rolling them out widely within the enterprise. Once you have developed these first competencies, you can go on to define competencies that are much more complex and difficult to observe and measure (for example, anything that includes cooperation with other people). You can, of course, have a mixture of both.

Because you might want to group related competencies together (for example, all your core competencies), Oracle Human Resources enables you to create competence types. These groups of related competencies are useful, for instance, if you want to include all competencies in a job advertisement (because they are 'hireable'), or which can be 'delivered' by formal training.

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