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Defining Your Competence Requirements

To ensure your enterprise meets its current and future goals, you`ll need to identify your competence requirements. For example, if your enterprise's goal is 'to gain greater penetration in the applications market', Oracle Human Resources enables you to quickly and easily identify the competencies that people within your enterprise need to possess and exhibit to meet that goal.

Defining your core (or management or leadership) competencies might be the first stage in developing a competence approach. These core competencies are identified as being required by every person to enable your enterprise to meet its goals. In our example, the core competencies required to meet the goal greater penetration in the applications market, might include strategic thinking, quality orientation and customer awareness. With Oracle Human Resources flexibility, you can define these core competencies at the business group or organization level.

Then, once you have identified your enterprise's core competencies, you might want to define individual job and position competencies later, for example, C++ programming, SQL*Plus, and such. The position automatically inherits the core competencies defined for the organization, saving you from having to enter them yourself!

The competence requirements held at business group, organization, job and position level are dated. With all this information at your fingertips, you can set them up for future requirements to perform analysis or resource projections for your enterprise. You can also project the impact of changes, such as reorganising and restructuring, and change them over time.

Using Competence Profiles

Using Oracle Human Resources to develop your core, job and position competence requirements enables you to compare what competencies the people within your enterprise possess, against those that are required. You need to do this as comparison is the main driver for most HR activities, whether deployment, reward, incentives, succession planning, and so on.

By having a profile of competence requirements, you can devise an appropriate assessment procedure, and assess individuals against the competencies for selection, qualification or training and development purposes.

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