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Designing Your Methods of Measurement

Because of the flexibility of Oracle Human Resources, you are able to structure your competencies to design your methods of measurement to meet the needs of your enterprise. If most of the competencies within your enterprise are comprised of proficiency levels unique to individual competencies, you might want to create competencies with their unique proficiency levels. You would therefore have a number of equivalent systems for measuring performance. Alternatively, you can use the general method of measurement. Here, you do not hold the proficiency level at the competence level, but you use a general rating scale and text to describe the competence in a general way. You can, of course, use a mixture of both.

Imagine the flexibility of being able to use a general method to measure your core competencies, for example, and an individual method to measure specific job and position competencies throughout your global enterprise.

Not only do we provide you with the flexibility to use different methods of measurement, but we also provide you with the flexibility to calculate the assessment scores in a variety of ways. For example, you might want to calculate the scores just by taking performance against the competencies into consideration. Alternatively, you might want to calculate the scores by taking performance, proficiency and weighting into consideration, and to apply the weighting to proficiency. With Oracle Human Resources, the choice is yours.

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