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Managing Employment Information

Table 1 - 9 below summarizes the sorts of information typically held for an employee, and how you can hold this information in Oracle HRMS.

Information How to set it up
Job Title or Position Assign the employee to work structures in the Assignment window.
Grade Step Placement Enter in the Grade Step Placement window; enter any special ceiling in the Assignment window.
Name of manager or position to report to Use a position hierarchy or enter supervisor name in the Assignment window.
Salary Assign to a salary basis in the Assignment window; enter amount in the Salary Administration window.
Benefits Define and link elements; enter values in the Element Entries window.
Pay Frequency Assign to a payroll in the Assignment window.
Pay Method Accept the default from the Payroll to which the employee is assigned or select a method in the Personal Payment Method window.
Full time/part time status Assign to an employment category.
Standard Work Day Enter in the Assignment window or accept the default from the organization or position to which the employee is assigned.
Overtime rules Define an element, using links to define eligibility rules, and element entry defaults or validation to control the values given.
Vacation Entitlement Define Absence Types and set up increasing or decreasing balances for the employee; enroll employee in appropriate accrual plans.
Sickness Entitlement
Maternity Entitlement
Notice Period You should hold full text procedures and regulations outside the system, perhaps using Oracle Book to hold the information online. You can associate groups of people with different rules or procedures using the People Group key flexfield.
Disciplinary procedure
Costing Enter cost codes for the assignment in the Costing window, or accept the default from the organization to which the employee is assigned.
Probation Period Enter in the Assignment window.

Every enterprise needs to track the changes in employment information for each employee over the lifetime of their employment:

In Oracle HRMS, you manage these changes through the employee assignment:

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