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The Employee Assignment

The assignment is the central concept that relates the people you employ to the structures in which they work, and the compensation and benefits for which they are eligible.

In Oracle HRMS, many of the activities you undertake in human resource management, such as vacancy management and budget planning, are based around assignments and not people. In particular, you enter all earnings, deductions, and other pay-related elements for the employee assignment, rather than the employee. This makes it possible to give an employee two or more assignments when this is necessary.

For example, if an employee has two or more open contracts of employment with your enterprise, he or she can have a separate assignment for each contract.

An employee must have a current assignment at all times. You record relocations, promotions, transfers and so on as changes to the existing assignment. These changes are datetracked so that you can view the history of changes to an assignment, and can make future-dated changes in advance.

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