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Creating an Organization

Use the Organization window to set up:

Prerequisites for All Organizations

Prerequisites for Business Groups

Note: Oracle Payroll is capable of paying employees working in other countries in the currencies of these countries, but does not provide the formulas needed to process taxes for employees paid in foreign currencies under other national legislations. You can write your own formulas in Oracle FastFormula, or contract with local third party vendors for the installation of tax routines.

Prerequisites for HR Organizations

To create a new organization:

Note: All Oracle applications you install share the information entered in the Organization window. Therefore organization names must be unique within a Business Group, and Business Group names must be unique across your applications network.

Attention: Classifying an organization as a Business Group is not reversible. Employees, organizations, and other data are partitioned by Business Group. Each Business Group must be viewed using a separate responsibility.

To enter additional information:

Note: There is no additional information to enter for a Payee Organization.

See Also

Additional Information for Business Groups

Additional Information for HR Organizations

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