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Entering a New Employee

Use the Enter Person form to enter and maintain basic personal information, addresses, and work assignment details for your employees.

The system warns you if you enter two people with the same name and birth date.

Note: You cannot use this form if Oracle Human Resources is installed at your site. You must use the HR Person form, which maintains a datetracked history of any changes you make to employee records.


To enter a new employee:

Entering Addresses

You can enter as many addresses as necessary for each employee in the Address region of the Person Information window.


To enter an address:

Attention: If you plan to create a supplier from this employee automatically during Invoice Import, the address lines must not exceed 35 characters. Oracle Payables creates exceptions during Invoice Import for employees with addresses that exceed 35 characters.

Additional Information: Default address styles are predefined for many countries. You can create address styles for other countries.

See: Oracle HRMS Technical Reference Manual

Entering Employee Work Assignments

You enter information about an employee's work assignments in the Assignment region of the Person Information window.


To enter a new assignment:

Updating Employee Assignments Over Time

Project Accounting users can select the Assignment History region to view and update employee assignments over time.

The date fields in this region display the start and end dates of the assignment.

In the New Assignment region, you can insert a change to the assignment, as from a particular start date. The Assignment History region shows one row for every change to the organization, job, location, manager, or billing title of the assignment. Each row is valid between the dates shown at the bottom of the Assignment History region.

To insert a change to an assignment:

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