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Entering Salaries and Salary Changes

Use the Salary Administration window to enter a salary amount for a new employee, to propose a salary change for a current employee, or to approve a salary proposal.

Use the Salary Management folder to approve multiple salary proposals or to download salary information to a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet you can enter new proposals, edit existing proposals, and approve salary components. Then you can upload your changes to the database.

If you want to hold multiple reasons for a salary change, you can break down a proposal into two or more components. Each component represents a different reason for changing the salary. You can define as many reasons as you require using the QuickCode Type PROPOSAL_REASON. Examples might be Merit Award and Cost of Living.

From the Salary Administration window, you can open the Performance window. You can associate a salary proposal with a performance review in two ways:

To review the history of an employee's salary and performance reviews, use the Salary History window.

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