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Using the Salary Management Folder

Using the Salary Management Folder, you can select sets of assignments for which you want to enter or approve salary proposals. For each assignment, the folder can display the current approved salary and proposed new salary, including up to ten salary components.

Using Application Data Export (ADE), you can download this information from the folder to a spreadsheet. Here you can manipulate the data to create new salary proposals or to modify existing proposals. You can then upload your revised salary information to the database. If your responsibility permits, you can approve all or selected proposals in the folder.

Manipulating Salary Information in a Spreadsheet

You can use a spreadsheet application to enter or update salary proposals for groups of employees. The changes you make in the spreadsheet are checked when you upload them to the database. To minimize errors, follow these rules:

To manipulate salary proposals in a spreadsheet:

Approving Multiple Salary Proposals

If the Approve button is displayed in the Salary Management folder, you can select multiple assignments in the folder and approve them.

Note: If the Approve button is not displayed, you cannot approve salaries. This is controlled by a menu function set up by your system administrator.

When you approve a salary, Oracle HRMS creates or updates a salary element entry for the assignment. You can view this entry in the Element Entries window, but you cannot change it there.

To approve multiple salary proposals:

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