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Using the Salary Administration Window

Use the Salary Administration window to enter a salary amount for a new employee, to propose a salary change for a current employee, or to approve a salary proposal.

Entering an Approved New Salary

Use the procedure below to enter:

Notice that you cannot enter multiple components of a starting salary for a newly hired employee or one assigned to a new salary basis.

To enter a salary for a new employee, or one assigned to a new salary basis:

Entering a Salary Proposal

You can propose a salary change for someone at any time. If you entered intervals for regular salary reviews in the Salary Information region of the Assignment window, Oracle HRMS uses this information to display the date of the next scheduled salary review. However, you can override this date, provided that the date you enter is after the date of the last approved salary.

If there is an unapproved salary proposal recorded for the assignment, you must approve or delete this proposal before you can enter a new proposal.

You can enter a salary proposal as a new amount, a single change amount or percentage, or multiple change amounts or percentages (reflecting different reasons, such as a merit award and a cost of living component).

To propose a salary change:

Approving a Salary Change

A salary proposal does not go into effect until it receives approval. If you have recorded multiple components of a salary proposal, you can approve each component independently. However, none of them goes into effect until you approve the overall proposal.

When you approve a salary, Oracle HRMS creates or updates a salary element entry for the assignment. You can view this entry in the Element Entries window, but you cannot change it there.

Note: You may not be able to approve salaries. This is controlled by a menu function set up by your system administrator.

To approve a salary change:

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