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Person Types

In any enterprise there is a need to identify different groups of people. For each group that exists in your enterprise there may be different types of information you need to keep. You may also want to control access to the records of different groups of people.

There are three basic types of people for whom you maintain information in your human resource system. These are:

A special category of the External type is contact. A contact is someone associated with an employee or an applicant.

For example, you may want to record the name, address and phone number of an emergency contact for every employee. Or, you may need to keep information on dependents of an employee for medical insurance purposes, or for calculation of additional payments.

Using Person Types

Oracle HRMS comes with a set of Person Types. You can change the names of these types when you install the system, and you can add your own subgroups of Person Types. For example, you might have two types of employee in your enterprise:

You can define these as subgroups of the Employee person type to:

Note: Each employee's assignment can be described by an employment category such as Full Time - Regular or Part Time - Temporary. So you do not use Person Types to distinguish the category of assignment.

In another example, you might want to distinguish between internal and external applicants for vacancies. You may also be involved in a redundancy program or a program of staff layoffs, and need to identify employees as preferred candidates for any vacancies. You can do this with the following subgroups of applicant:

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