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Defining Person Types

There are eight Person Types recognized by the system, and identified by a system name. For each, there is a predefined user name. You can change the predefined name and you can enter other user names.

One user name must be the default. This is the name the system enters in certain circumstances if you do not select a Person Type manually. For example, when you hire an applicant, the system automatically updates the Person Type to the default user name for the system name 'Employee'.

You enter user names for person types in the Person Types window.

First consider whether the existing user names are meaningful in your enterprise.

To change a user name for a person type:

To map other user names to a person-type system name:

Deactivating User Names

You cannot delete user names in use in the system, but you can deactivate them by unchecking the Active check box. Notice that you cannot deactivate a default User Name. You must first select another user name as the default.

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