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Defining Special Information Types

In Oracle HRMS, you use the Personal Analysis key flexfield to define any special information, not provided by the main system, you want to hold about people, jobs and positions, and training activities.

You can define any number of instances of the Personal Analysis key flexfield. Each instance is called a Special Information Type. For example, you might set up types to hold performance reviews or medical details.

Each Special Information Type can have up to thirty fields (where each field is a segment of the flexfield). You can set up cross-validation to ensure that users enter correct combinations of segments. You can also speed up data entry and minimize errors by defining an 'Alias' for common combinations of segment values.

When you enable Special Information Types for your Business Group, you select how you plan to use each type.

In Oracle Human Resources, you can use Special Information Types for:

In Oracle Training Administration, you can use Special Information Types for:

See: Skills Information

Each Special Information Type can be used for one or more of these purposes. The options you select control the windows in which each Special Information Type appears.

In Oracle Human Resources, you can also customize the windows that handle Special Information Types to restrict them to just one Type, such as medical records. This is useful if you want to restrict access to particular types of information for security reasons, or to aid users' efficiency by giving them access to just the information they require for a particular task.

Special Information Setup Steps

To set up Special Information Types:

The remaining steps do not apply if you are implementing Oracle Training Administration without Oracle Human Resources.

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