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Approved Supplier List

All procurement organizations maintain lists that associate the items and services they buy with the companies who supply them, either formally or informally. Data stored in a controlled, global repository containing relevant details about each ship-from/ship-to/item relationship, is known as an Approved Supplier List (ASL). This repository includes information about all suppliers with business statuses ranging from fully Approved (the supplier has demonstrated the ability to satisfy rigorous quality, cost, and delivery requirements over a sustained period) to Debarred (no business is allowed with this supplier), or New if you have never placed a purchase order with the supplier. Each status has four business rules associated with it. You can prevent or allow certain business rules for each status, change the name of a status, or create a status of your own.

In the Approved Supplier List window, you also specify the blanket purchase order or catalog quotation for an item-supplier combination. See: Defining the Supplier and Commodity/Item Combination. See: Defining the Supplier/Item Attributes.

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Through maintenance of the Approved Supplier List repository the following goals are realized:

ASL Business Needs

Using Oracle Purchasing Approved Supplier List, you can:

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