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Oracle Internet File System (Oracle iFS) is a file system and development platform that enhances the power of the Oracle database. From the standpoint of end users and client applications, Oracle iFS behaves as if it were a standard file server, organizing documents into hierarchies of folders.

Oracle iFS contains a number of features designed to manage content effectively. By storing everything from e-mail to spreadsheets in the same file system, Oracle iFS provides one place to edit, store, and publish the content you control.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for end users of the Oracle Internet File System. It provides an introduction to Oracle iFS, details on using the Windows and Web interfaces, and step-by-step instructions for using the content management features of Oracle iFS. It also describes the security features built into Oracle iFS and how you can control access to your files.

Structure of the User's Guide

The Oracle Internet File System User's Guide contains six chapters:

Chapter 1 

Introduction to the Oracle Internet File System 

Introduces the Oracle Internet File System, discusses the importance of content management, describes how Oracle iFS works, explains what Oracle iFS can do for your company, and gives an overview of the features of Oracle iFS. 

Chapter 2 

Getting Started with Oracle Internet File System 

Provides the information you need to begin using Oracle iFS: configuring your user account and profile, accessing Oracle iFS, understanding the Oracle iFS document structure, and working with the Windows and Web interfaces. 

Chapter 3 

Managing Files and Folders 

Details the file management features of Oracle iFS, including working with document properties and performing searches in Oracle iFS. 

Chapter 4 

Finding Information in the Oracle iFS Repository 

Illustrates ways to find information in Oracle iFS including attribute and content searching. 

Chapter 5 

Content Management Functions 

Describes the content management features of Oracle iFS, including creating multiple document versions, checking files out for modification, and publishing strategies. 

Chapter 6 

Managing Access to Files 

Provides information about using Oracle iFS security features, such as controlling access to documents and setting up Access Control Lists (ACLs). 

Related Documents

For more information on Oracle Internet File System, see the following manuals, which are included with the product:

For more information on software required by Oracle Internet File System, see the documentation for the Oracle8i database.

Keyboard Equivalents

The Oracle iFS Windows interface is easy to use, whether you prefer to navigate with the mouse or by entering keystroke commands. On the following interface, for example, you could type <Alt + F> to open the File menu, or <Alt + i> to activate the Find Now button. Or you could use the mouse to achieve the same result.

Figure 0-1 The Windows interface can be activated with keystrokes

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