Oracle Text Application Developer's Guide
Release 9.0.1

Part Number A90122-01
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1 Introduction to Oracle Text

What is Oracle Text?
Types of Query Applications
Supported Document Formats
Theme Capabilities
Query Language and Operators
Document Services and Using a Thesaurus
Prerequisites For Building Your Query Application
Loading Your Text Table
Storing Text in the Text Table
Storing File Path Names
Storing URLs
Storing Associated Document Information
Supported Column Types
Supported Document Formats
Loading Methods
Indexing Your Documents
Type of Index
Creating a CONTEXT Index
Creating a CTXCAT Index
Creating a CTXRULE Index
Index Maintenance
A Simple Text Query Application
Querying your Index
Querying with CONTAINS
Structured Field Searching
Thesaural Queries
Document Section Searching
Other Query Features
Presenting the Hitlist
Hitlist Example
Presenting Structured Fields
Ordering the Hitlist
Presenting Document Hit Count
Document Presentation and Highlighting
Highlighting Example
Document List of Themes Example
Gist Example

2 Indexing

About Oracle Text Indexes
Structure of the Oracle Text CONTEXT Index
The Oracle Text Indexing Process
Partitioned Tables and Indexes
Parallel Indexing
Limitations for Indexing
Considerations For Indexing
Type of Index
Location of Text
Document Formats and Filtering
Bypassing Rows for Indexing
Document Character Set
Document Language
Indexing Special Characters
Case-Sensitive Indexing and Querying
Language Specific Features
Fuzzy Matching and Stemming
Better Wildcard Query Performance
Document Section Searching
Stopwords and Stopthemes
Index Creation
Procedure for Creating a CONTEXT Index
Creating Preferences
Creating Section Groups for Section Searching
Using Stopwords and Stoplists
Creating an Index
Creating a CONTEXT Index
Creating a CTXCAT Index
Creating a CTXRULE Index
Index Maintenance
Viewing Index Errors
Dropping an Index
Resuming Failed Index
Rebuilding an Index
Dropping a Preference
Managing DML Operations for a CONTEXT Index
Viewing Pending DML
Synchronizing the Index
Index Optimization

3 Querying

Overview of Queries
Querying with CONTAINS
Querying with CATSEARCH
Querying with MATCHES
Word and Phrase Queries
ABOUT Queries and Themes
Query Expressions
Case-Sensitive Searching
Query Feedback
Query Explain Plan
Query Operators for CONTAINS
Logical Operators
Section Searching
Proximity Queries with NEAR Operator
Fuzzy, Stem, Soundex, Wildcard and Thesaurus Expansion Operators
Stored Query Expressions
Calling PL/SQL Functions in CONTAINS
Query Operators for CATSEARCH
Optimizing for Response Time
Retrieving a Range of Documents
Counting Hits
SQL Count Hits Example
Counting Hits with a Structured Predicate
PL/SQL Count Hits Example

4 Document Presentation

Highlighting Query Terms
Text highlighting
Theme Highlighting
CTX_DOC Highlighting Procedures
Obtaining List of Themes, Gists, and Theme Summaries
List of Themes
Gist and Theme Summary

5 Query Tuning

Optimizing Queries with Statistics
Collecting Statistics
Re-Collecting Statistics
Deleting Statistics
Optimizing Queries for Response Time
Better Response Time with FIRST_ROWS
Better Response Time with CHOOSE
Optimizing Queries for Throughput
Tuning Queries with Blocking Operations

6 Document Section Searching

About Document Section Searching
Enabling Section Searching
Section Types
HTML Section Searching
Creating HTML Sections
Searching HTML Meta Tags
XML Section Searching
Automatic Sectioning
Attribute Searching
Creating Document Type Sensitive Sections
Path Section Searching

7 Working With a Thesaurus

Overview of Thesauri
Thesaurus Creation and Maintenance
Case-sensitive Thesauri
Case-insensitive Thesauri
Default Thesaurus
Supplied Thesaurus
Defining Thesaural Terms
Defining Synonyms
Defining Hierarchical Relations
Using a Thesaurus in a Query Application
Loading a Custom Thesaurus and Issuing Thesaural Queries
Augmenting Knowledge Base with Custom Thesaurus
About the Supplied Knowledge Base
Adding a Language-Specific Knowledge Base

8 Administration

Oracle Text Users and Roles
Granting Roles and Privileges to Users
DML Queue
The CTX_OUTPUT Package
Administration Tool

A CONTEXT Query Application

Web Query Application Overview
The PSP Web Application
Web Application Prerequisites
Building the Web Application
Web Application Sample Code


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All Rights Reserved.
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