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Structure of the User's Guide
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1 Introduction to the Oracle Internet File System

Internet File System at a Glance
Windows Interface
Web Interface
The Web Folders Hierarchy
Comparing Standard File Systems to Oracle iFS
How Does Oracle iFS Help Me Do My Work Faster?

2 Getting Started with Oracle Internet File System

Overview: Accessing Oracle iFS
Setting Up an Oracle iFS Account
Windows: Accessing Oracle iFS
Step 1: Map a Network Drive to Oracle iFS
Step 2: Install the Oracle iFS Utilities
Web: Accessing Oracle iFS
Logging into Oracle iFS
Parts of the Web Interface
Navigating the Folder Hierarchy
Web Folders
Installing Web Folders
Adding Web Folders
Working with Web Folders on Your Oracle iFS Drive
FTP: Accessing Oracle iFS
Configuring Your FTP Client
E-mail: Accessing Oracle iFS
Configuring Your E-mail Application to Use the Oracle iFS Sever
Using the Oracle iFS Server for E-mail Access

3 Managing Files and Folders

Working with the Folder Hierachy: An Overview
The Default Folders
Rules for Accessing Folders
XML and Oracle iFS
Windows: Working with Folders
Windows: Working with Files
Web: Working with Folders
Opening a Folder
Closing a Folder
Creating a New Folder
Renaming a Folder
Copying a Folder
Moving a Folder
Deleting a Folder
Web: Working with Files
Opening a File
Uploading Files
Copying Files
Moving Files
Deleting Files
Renaming a File
Using Links to Display the Same File in Multiple Folders
What are Links?
How Links Work
Multiple Parents
Windows: Creating a Link
Windows: Viewing a File's Parent Folders
Web: Creating a File Link
Web: Displaying a Document's Parents
Web: Deleting a File Link
Introduction to File Attributes
Working with Custom Attributes
Windows: Working with Attributes
iFS Attributes Tab: File Attributes
Changing Attribute Values
Setting an Expiration Date
Web: Working with Properties
Viewing and Editing File Properties
Setting an Expiration Date

4 Finding Information in the Oracle iFS Repository

Finding Information: An Overview
Types of Searches in Oracle iFS
About Attribute Searching
About Content Searching with Oracle interMedia Text
About Theme Searching with Oracle interMedia Text
Windows: Finding Oracle iFS Files
Windows: Searching by File Name and Location
Windows: Searching By Date Criteria
Windows: Searching by File Type and Size
Windows: Searching by Content Criteria
Windows: Executing the Search
Web: Finding Files in Oracle iFS
Web: Performing a Basic Search
Web: Performing an Advanced Search
Custom Searches in Oracle iFS
Common Search Operators
Advanced Search Operators
Web: ABOUT and WITHIN Searches

5 Content Management Functions

Overview of Oracle iFS Content Management
Introduction to Versioning
How Versioning Works
How to Copy Versioned Files
Nonversioned vs. Versioned Files
Windows: Making a File Versioned
Windows: Viewing a File's Version History
Windows: Accessing a Previous Version of a File
Windows: Removing Versions
Web: Making a File Versioned
Web: Accessing a Previous Version of a File
Web: Working With Multiple Versions of a File
Introduction to Check In and Check Out
How Does Check In/Check Out Work?
What Happens When a File Is Checked Out?
What Happens When a File Is Checked In?
Windows: Checking Out a File
Windows: Checking In a File
Web: Checking Out a File
Web: Checking In a File
Web: Canceling a Check Out
Introduction to Locking
Windows: Locking and Unlocking Files
Web: Locking and Unlocking Files

6 Managing Access to Files

Security in Oracle iFS
ACLs and ACEs
Granting Access to Files and Folders
Introduction to Permissions
ACE Precedence
Types of ACL
The System Administrator's Role
What You Can Do
Windows: Changing Your Password
Web: Changing Your Password
Windows: Assigning a Default ACL to a File
Windows: Creating an ACL
Windows: Deleting Users or Groups from an ACL
Web: Applying an Existing ACLs
Web: Creating a Custom ACL
Advantages of the Web Interface for Creating ACLs
Working with Groups
Web: Creating a Group
Assigning ACLs to Groups
Managing Access to Folders


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