Oracle 9i Application Server Portal Tutorial
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Welcome to the Oracle9i Application Server Portal Tutorial!

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1 Learning the Basics

1.1 What Is Oracle Portal?
1.1.1 What are pages? What are portlets? What are portlet providers? What are nodes?
1.1.2 What are content areas? What's the difference between content areas and pages?
1.1.3 What are applications?
1.1.4 Security
1.1.5 Putting it all together
1.2 Starting and Logging on to Oracle Portal
1.3 Getting to Know Your Oracle Portal Home Page
1.4 Getting Help
1.4.1 Using the online help system Using the index Using the search feature Using categories and perspectives Exiting the help system
1.4.2 Using field-level help
1.5 Using the Navigator
1.6 Logging off and Exiting Oracle Portal
1.7 Lesson Summary

2 Designing a Portal

2.1 Before You Begin
2.2 Creating a Page
2.3 Adding a Portlet to a Page
2.3.1 Adding a folder portlet
2.3.2 Adding an application component portlet
2.3.3 Adding an Oracle Portal built-in portlet
2.4 Providing Access to a Page
2.4.1 Giving access to everyone
2.4.2 Giving access to a specific user
2.4.3 Giving access to a group of users
2.5 Lesson Summary

3 Maintaining a Content Area

3.1 Before You Begin
3.2 Creating a Folder
3.3 Creating a Category (Content Area Administrators Only)
3.4 Creating a Perspective (Content Area Administrators Only)
3.5 Creating a Style and Applying it to a Folder
3.5.1 Creating a style
3.5.2 Editing style properties
3.5.3 Applying a style to a folder
3.6 Creating a Navigation Bar and Applying it to a Folder
3.6.1 Creating a navigation bar
3.6.2 Adding elements to a navigation bar
3.6.3 Applying a navigation bar to a folder
3.7 Controlling Access to Your Content Area
3.7.1 Providing access to everyone
3.7.2 Providing access for a specific user
3.7.3 Providing access for multiple users
3.8 Lesson Summary

4 Adding Items to a Content Area

4.1 Before You Begin
4.2 Adding Items to a Folder
4.2.1 Adding a link to another Web page or site
4.2.2 Adding text
4.2.3 Adding access to data
4.3 Editing an Item
4.4 Lesson Summary

5 Building Application Components

5.1 Before You Begin
5.2 Creating an Application Component
5.2.1 Creating a form
5.2.2 Creating a report
5.2.3 Creating a chart
5.3 Controlling Access to an Application Component
5.4 Lesson Summary

A Setting Up the Tutorial

A.1 Installing the Demo Schema, Content Area, and Application
A.2 Creating the HLW_EMPLOYEE User
A.3 Creating the HLW_HR Group
A.4 Assigning a User as a Content Area Administrator of the Tutorial Content Area
A.5 Granting a User Manage Items Privileges on the For Our Employees Folder of the Tutorial Content Area
A.6 Granting a User Manage Privileges on the Tutorial Application



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