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Welcome to the Oracle Collaboration Suite Quick Tutorial!

What is the Oracle Collaboration Suite?

The Oracle Collaboration Suite enables individuals and teams to communicate and work together using a set of integrated software that enhances the existing desktop and wireless clients used in your organizations.

Using Oracle Collaboration Suite, you can access your e-mail, voice mail and calendar from anywhere, anytime. In addition, storing, sharing, searching, and collaborating on files is no longer an issue. The need to manage multiple copies of the same document disappears, decentralized file storage is no longer an obstacle, and proprietary information is secure.

Oracle Collaboration Suite enables you to consolidate servers, reducing backup and recovery time so running your data center is less expensive.

Oracle Collaboration Suite is for everyone interested in reducing costs and increasing employee productivity by using communication tools that fit together and fit your business. For more information about the Oracle Collaboration Product Components, click here.

We would like to introduce you to Ruby, John, and Hannah. They work for DrugDepot, which sells baby care, health care, and personal care products. Ruby is an executive currently traveling on business. John heads the Product Planning Department and reports to Ruby. Hannah is a Planning Analyst who works for John. They work as a team and need to access e-mail, share files, and keep their materials centralized and secure. Their solution is Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Over the course of this tutorial, you will see Oracle Collaboration Suite in action as you follow Ruby, John, and Hannah working together. They will show you everything from reading your e-mail through an existing desktop client and a web browser to collaborating on changes to project files.

The navigation links are located at both the top and bottom of every page to conveniently lead you through the tutorial. Additionally, you can always jump from lesson to lesson at your leisure using the menu at the left.

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If you have any questions, please contact your OCS Administrator.

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